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Anne RoshieComment
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As I was dressing up a few days ago, I noticed that my color scheme recently had been on the black and navy side. Those are go to colors once the cold weather is upon us. (Like it is now! Ugh!)  
I rarely ever wore navy or black! Rarely. 
It is without a doubt that I needed to incorporate some color. I told myself to play up with the colors and also textures. Textures are your best-friend this fall/winter season. The easiest way to add textures is through accessories. Faux furs, crinkly sweaters, knitted chunky scars, faux coats, animal print bags, hat or shoes, the list is endless. 

For my look today, I went with white jeans and a pastel powder blue sweater. Pastels are a great way to add color. Think an all black outfit with a pastel purple/pink/blue coat! Hello there gorgeous. Oozing megawatts of Chic!!! Pastels introduce some subtle sweetness to serious colors like black and navy. 

I layered up with my warm camel coat with a faux collar and croc print black bag. To complete the whole casual ensemble,  my go to trainers.

Have a great week and happy first of the month!! It's Decemberrr! Yay! 

Coat: Zara

Sweater: F21

Jeans: Express


Bag: Zara

Beanie: Gifted