Helloooo everybody. Hope everyone is doing great!!! I have been hunkered down for a couple of weeks. The arctic blast that has been hitting the nation and the relentless snow storms have made me dread even walking to my car. Can winter be over already? I am even ready for 30-degree temperatures. Any digit under 20 is an abomination. LordT! Anyone on the East coast will definitely agree with me.

I took an opportunity to take a few pictures for my outfit this past weekend. Qui and I were heading to the Hugh Masekela concert that was being held at the Listner Auditorium of the George Washington University in DC. Qui was the one who got me started on Hugh Masekela one night while chilling in the house with my brother Kim. We had been listening to songs by TKZee, Mafikizolo, Brenda Fassie and had dubbed it South Africa night,Qui was quite baffled that we hadn’t heard of Hugh Masekela.  Hugh Masekela is a world-renowned flugelhornist, trumpeter, bandleader, composer, singer, and defiant poltical voice who remaines deeply connected to his South African home .Late last month I happened to scroll by a tweet that mentioned Hugh Masekela and Vusi Mahlasela would be on a tour. The tour was to commemorate the 20 years of freedom in South Africa. Quickly clicked on the link and boom, a tour date for February in DC. Qui was over the moon so tickets were quickly purchased. My sister Flo and our friend Moore joined us as well.

Oh my gudddddoooo!!! What a performance!!! I can still hear Hugh blowing the trumpet while Vusi croons melodiously in the background. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Ever wonder what the world would be without music? I shudder at the thought. Before starting on a number, they would explain the origin of the song, or the thought behind it, especially the ones that were sang during Apartheid. They spoke how South Africa forged unity as a new nation, the amazing wonders of forgiveness and reconciliation. It was musical poetry at it’s best. They would mostly sing in their native tongue while the harmonic tunes had as in a trance. As the last note was being pulled, you could hear sighs then uproar of hurrahs, enthusiastic hand-claps, and standing ovations.  At one point, folks sitting on the edges of the auditorium wall would stand and start dancing by the aisle. We were smack in the middle so I would forlornly gaze at them wondering why I wasn’t dancing with them. As if Hugh heard my wish, they started a number and had everybody stand up. Super!!! The percussion beats had us busting moves and swaying like true traditional dancers. At the end of their performance they waved to the crowd and left, folks were still clapping and at one point some people started leaving.

They weren’t done yet!!  Encore!!! The band came back to do “Pata Pata” by the late Miriam Makeba. If the uproar that filled the auditorium dint awaken the dead, well, thank GOD it didn’t, we wouldn’t want a walking dead scenario!!  We would end up kicking our shoes and running for the hills. That brings me to my shoes, I had to take them off, so I can get down and be in the groove, I must have broken a sweat. We were grinning and shaking our shoulders in pure joy!!! I get why Qui is such a huge fan.

That performance, was beyond amazing!!! Music is so powerful, you may not understand the language, but you can rezonate with it's beauty. The way it makes you feel. Music, is like a rainbow after a dreary rainy day, it brings color into our lives.

Hugh is currently using his global reach to spread the word about heritage restoration in Africa- a topic that remains very close to his heart.

"My biggest obsession is to show Africans and the world who the people of Africa really are," Masekela confides- and it's this commitment to his home continent that has propelled him forward since he began playing the trumpet.

Check out the Hugh Masekela tour dates by clicking here.

Photo Cred: Qui

Photo Cred: Qui

For my outfit today, I went all vintagy, if there is anything like that. I haven’t put a look with thrifted finds in a long, long time and my outfit on this day was nothing less. You have probably seen most of this pieces before, I paired the sweater with the dress then for extra warmth, my faux fur coat. 

My darling sissy Flo makes her debut on the blog. Whoop! Whoop! She was nervous about having her pictures on display but I think her look deserved to be on here. She had a satin slip dress with tights and covered with a red jacket with a faux fur stole. We love you PETA! Faux real. :) Her platform heels are so divine, I might borrow (read steal) them lol.

I love the contrast in our styles, Flo took the modern route with the slip dress, so groovy, I took the vintagy route. If I put my pictures in black and white, I would put a circa somewhere on the edge. Check out Winter Trend Report to see what we took from it. As I always say, trends should just be a flavor to your style. Find out what works and what doesn't work for you. Own your style. It's your identity and as writer Gore Vidal says, style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.

As always thanks for stopping by and have an amazing day.

Flo is rocking

Asos Coat

Slip Satin dress


Shoedazzle Shoes

Maasai Market Rings

Mac Rebel on the lips