Since time in memorial, women have been borrowing from the men, well, we don’t usually borrow, we take! Borrowing comes with the intention of giving back, taking, not so much. Borrowing sounds better though. In fashion, womenswear has been borrowing a lot of things from menswear.  From immaculate tailored pants and blazers, to the classic white shirt, and even my outfit today.

The Dashiki is a loose garment worn mostly be men in West Africa. The name dashiki is derived from “Danshiki” a Yoruba term for shirt. It became popular in America in the sixties during the Civil Rights movement. Today, both men and women (clearly) wear it.

I was shooting with Fashion Stylist and Fashion Blogger, Silvia Njoki for another episode of Kenyan Vibe’s, Fashion with Roshie. The location was the beautiful Karen Boutique hotel that gave us a stunning background with it's beautiful architecture and well manicured lawns. My favorite part about shooting the webseries is what I learn from our conversations. Getting to know them and having them discuss what drives them is an eye-opening experience. The passion for what they do is so discernible. Silvia is such a darling and I can't wait for this episode to air.  As I said on ART DECO keep your eyes peeled.

I love how loose and unstructured the dashiki looks. The prints are the focal point to this garment. I might trade it up for a cover-up on a vacation somewhere, but for this shoot I dressed it up with strappy heels and a few accessories.


 Since I'm back, regular all bundled up outfit posts will resume. Hope you got a chance to check out what to wear for some winter inspiration.

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