Anne RoshieComment


Anne RoshieComment

I always wanted to go to a park, sit under a tree, have lunch, read a book, or may be take a nap. Why? Sometimes you do things in life, just because. That’s exactly what I did this past Friday. I took an impromptu trip to New York, I had a few things to do there, kinda like laying some groundwork for something I am working on. I shall touch up on that in the near future. After all was done, a little sight seeing, taking a few pictures here and there. New York is overwhelmingly beautiful to me. It pulls me in like a fish on a hook. Happened to me the first-time I got off Penn station, it was surreal. Love at first sight to be exact!!

So there we were, that is Qui and I, trying to figure out what to have for lunch, or actually where!! Then Central Park came to mind, making my little wish come true.

We got lunch from the oh so delicious food trucks, strolled in the park, laid down our little summer scarfs, took of our shoes, and...… bliss!!!

In between enjoying every morsel of chicken over rice (Lawddd it was delicious) with the white sauce, people watching and making small talk. Qui happened to be bitten by the sleep bug and took a nap, I got caught up in people watching, taking pictures of people walking their dogs and catching up with some magazine reads. We made a picture which would have had the caption, “Lazing in the park, without a care in the world.”

Light flow maxi skirts are a summer staple, mine happened to have a thigh high slit. Made me feel like a super model strutting down the street. I tend to do a lot of walking when am in the big apple, comfortable shoes are a must. My Northstars did it for me.

Dress: F21

Shoes: Northstars BATA


Bangles: Maasai Market

Photo Cred: Teri Q