I have never met a print that I dint like. I usually tell myself it is because am a daughter of Africa. Prints run wild in that beautiful continent so being genetically predisposed to prints would be apt. To pull a print on print look you have to be brave. Brave because the colors might not be from the same pallet and the prints might clash and war with each other like the battle of the Titans. It would be a bold look but here is the catch, you will look fabulous. Not a care in the world. Yes you might turn head now and then as you strut head high like a peacock because deep down you know you own it. It’s your style. It’s you!

      Sunday’s are always good for brunch. Nothing feels me with joy than sharing a meal and a few drinks or more with people you love. My friends have been nothing but supportive and this brunch was for us to come together and hang out. The last brunch before I make the big move.

Initially I had no idea that I could pull off this look. I remember Qui and my desky (we were deskmates in high school. The name sort of stuck. I don't even know her other names!!) giving me an uncertain look, but I went for it. These are one of those pieces I put together, look up in the mirror and vwaalaaahh. Magic! The proportions were equally balanced because the crop top slightly kissed the edge of my high-waisted skirt creating a balanced cohesive look. My vintage basket bag is everything. I found it scouring for vintage finds when I took my mother shopping, it's become my summer go to bag. For good measure, I threw in my geometric print wedges. As I always say, you can never have too many prints.



Top: F21


Bag: Vintage basket bag

Sunnies: NYC

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