Anne RoshieComment


Anne RoshieComment

     A few months ago I went to a pre-wedding party in Massachusetts for good friends of mine. Remember the Floral dress that I wore? Yes that one. They were having a summer wedding and as the big day was approaching, I started sweating bullets, literally! One because it’s too damn hot and two I had nothing to wear. The wedding was days away and it being a wedding, a summer wedding to be exact, a dress should suffice, but not just any dress, a superb dress. I had a few options in my closet but the looks dint come together, either the accessories were off or the dress was off. This meant shopping.

    Suede will be everywhere this fall. The 70’s are back and if you have stepped into a store recently, you will notice suede and fringe everywhere. I initially walked past the dress about a gazillion times because my color choice for a wedding outfit has always been in the pastel family or popping bright colors, nowhere near the camel and nude family. It actually took me a second round to the dressing room to grab it. I always talk about hanger appeal all the time. This dress had zero! The cut outs looked like someone had mistakenly ripped it apart and the color is nothing I would have gone for. I reserve nudes for Fall. Not those kinds of nudes ---get your mind out of the gutter. LOL

After trying it on, I did a jig and a booyah because this number fit like a glove.

    For the wedding I paired it with pink and white-stripped heels that had a cute bow at the back of the strap. Hints of gold with the cuff and brooch were all I needed for my accessories. I kept my make-up subtle with a soft red lippie to complete my look, which had me thinking I do seem to be in the nude. A very unconventional look I might add. ;)

Special thanks to my darling Keziah who took these gorgeous pictures with her phone. I will never hear the end of this because truth be told, her Samsung takes some really good pictures. Thanks love.

Thanks guys for stopping by. 

Dress: Necessary Clothing


Clutch: Zara

Brooch: Thrifted vintage

Cuff & Rings: Maasai Market

Lippie: Mac Ruby Woo