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Anne RoshieComment

Helloo my dear reader,

I believe it’s been approximately a month or so since my last outfit post. There is nothings as depressing as having a blog dependent on visuals without a photographer. It can wreck havoc to your platform, creative process and have you wanting to throw a fit like a five year old. A good photographer will challenge you, make you see things in a different perspective, appreciate light and shade in a whole new different way and even inspire you. A relationship of some sort eventually blossoms, and it can be the most amazing collaboration ever. Hence why I was away for a month. I needed visuals as badly as dry season needs rainfall.

Gianna, the lovely lady who has been taking my pictures this past several months, who pushed me into a new direction for which I am forever grateful, will no longer be taking my pictures. We bid each other adieu last month. Gianna is currently doing her Masters in Psychology at NYU this means she is extremely busy with school and life so we parted but still remain good friends. 

In comes in Arthur, who I believe the universe just brought us together. I was going crazy looking for my visuals person, at the point of pulling out my scalps since my hair was out of the question.  A mutual friend recommended Arthur to me and ta daahhh!! Here we are!! Ofcourse I am excited. Dry season is out the door, rain is falling down, crops about to start germinating. I had a few ideas lined up for the blog which will be taking place so without taking the cat out of the bag, let me say that I'm really looking forward to us working together. So stay tuned. I bet you can see me doing my Birdman hand rub.

First of all happy holidays! Where are my manners. I hope this festive season is treating you and yours well. While tis the season, I had an epiphany amidst my wondering where I would get my visuals person and trying to solve other issues like world peace. Lately, whenever I have a lot on my mind, I've been doing a lot of cleaning up. For some weird reason, it makes me feel lighter. It's as if the discarding and cleaning is helping me declutter what’s in my head.

One of the things I discovered was that I had too many clothes. Clothes that I really did not need, or had not worn in eons. I wondered what that said about me. Then I happened to watch a documentary on Netflix on the factories that produce our clothes, the death tolls, the structures the garment worker work in, their treatment. It was heart wrenching. This being the festive season, a lot of damage will be done in shopping stores. We will buy stuff and clothes made by workers who live on less than $2 a day. More stuff that we don't require to fulfill a need that will dissipate faster than fog in the morning. That documentary made me become a more conscious consumer despite the numerous commercials, sales and ads that come my way. 

This brings me to today’s outfit. Christmas parties are the norm around this time. In the past, whenever I got invited to an event, the first thought that crossed my mind was, I need to go shopping! Sad but true. I told myself that I wouldn't be buying anything new to attend a Christmas event. Well, apart from shoes, I mean it’s shoes! I would wear something red. Apart from it being festive it's also my favorite my color. Then I would figure out the layers since this winter chill ain't a joke. The interesting part is this whole outfit at one point or another has made an appearance on the blog worn as individual pieces on other posts. I picked out the dress which is a design of mine circa two years ago. The suede blazer, oh what memories it brings! I wore it on my first ever post four years ago here on Anneconventional!

Woah!! That my friends, is the beauty of buying quality pieces that will make it through a couple of washes. I have linked all these pieces from previous posts taking you down memory lane. I'm still amazed that these pieces have lasted me this long. After drooling over the blue sexy shoes from Zara, I finally got them. They give me  a Carrie, Sex and the City vibe. The retro hat was gifted to me by a dear friend.

Blazer: Brings so much memories and this one too.

Summer Dress: Wore it here in the summer two years ago

Sparkly sweater: From last Christmas

Clutch: Here, here , the wedding!! and here


I hope this post will inspire you to look into your closet and recreate a look with pieces you already have. Get creative, have fun and the best part is, you get to use your hard earned money for something you really need.