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This is the time families come together filled with gratitude ready to enjoy some good thanksgiving meal. To be precise, I mean Greens, beans tomatoes, potatoes, lamb, nameeeee it!!

Also, football is a big part of our thanksgiving. We get to enjoy an amazing meal with our loved ones but what does that have to to with bananas? well grab a cuppa...... 

 It’s the play off season and I am sitting at the bar. Eyes focused on the Tv screen right across from me. The drink in front of me is sweating profusely partly because I have ignored it for a few minutes and also because of the copious amounts of ice cubes the bartender put in it. The napkin that is meant to absorb all this moisture on is wet, if I pull the napkin, I am certain it will fall apart. The guy sitting next to me has his hands under his chin, eyes focused on the screen. My friend on the right side is holding a corona suspended in mid-air. We are all watching a football game. It’s 3rd and goal with the clock running. No time out for either team. It’s do or die. You can hear a pin drop in this bar heck you can even hear hearts pumping blood. Even the bartender rocking his Jersey is staring up at the screen. He will not be taking orders at this time. We are all holding our breaths because the team we are all supporting is down by three points. If they score, they win and who does not like winning. This is a real life mannequin challenge.

The snap is made, the quarter back fakes a handoff then takes a few steps back looking for his tight end or wide receiver, he throws the ball, its up in the air. The ball seems to be up in the air forever, then players from both the opposition and offense jump higher than the maasai. The ball is caught. TOUCHDOWNNNNNNNNNN!!

The bar erupts in hoots, yells and shouts. High fives float in the air. Drinks are tilted, bottles find their way to the mouths. All rounds smiles and the conversation resumes. The game is over. My team won!! Ahhh, I contemplate on this as I sip on my drink. The roar of the crowd, the spirit of the game is better than any drug but it was never like this.

When I first came to the States, I settled in Oklahoma which is well known for its college football. Oklahoma does not have an NFL team but college ball is life. The rivalry between the two state colleges is beyond this world. I never got it. I never used to care. I was less concerned. What was this whole fuss about? It’s just some men, well good looking men, in tights running after a ball that looks like an egg. I frowned upon this egg and all the fuss it wrought. The worst part is when I was watching a game  with other people. There I was staring at the screen feeling like a fool because I did not get it. Have you ever watched a football game with someone who does not know a lick about football? The questions! Sigh… To seem slightly interested in what everyone was staring at , I had my own set of questions. Annoying but hey, at least I kinda sorta want to know. 

 What’s pass interference? How do you interfere with something that’s passing? Haven’t you heard of where there is a will there’s a way? 

What’s a face mask? Is it like a clay mask or a cucumber one? Can you get that mask at Sephora or is it an NFL special brand?

Why are the refs lifting both hands. Are they surrendering? Perhaps they are tired, may be they have given up on life?

 I would to because wait for it… why is it call a football and they are running around with the ball? By now everyone is well in within their drink and game that my questions, fall and bounce on deaf ears. I am non existent. The only thing that matters is whether OU will beat OSU. Will Sam Bradford do the damn thing! Sigh

Then something happened that changed the way I viewed the game.

   Six years ago, we were at my brother’s house watching a game between the Colts and the Patriots.  Fifteen people and my nonchalant self were in the room staring at the TV Screen. A Brady Manning showdown is always the game to watch. The two quarterbacks are legends in this sport. The Colts were losing but since Manning had that magic touch, they made a drive that resulted to a touchdown, then when the Patriots went back in, the ball was intercepted, Manning was back again. That turnover resulted into another touchdown. Boy!! Wasn't everyone excited!! High fives were going all around, hoots and cheers. You could hear "Get to know Manning chants" then it all quieted down. Eyes back to the TV, the game was back on and now the fact that the Colts had made a comeback, everyone's mood was jubilant. Then I saw something at the corner of my eye. It couldn't be, I thought. Then I looked around and everyone in the room seem not to have seen it. 

"Guys, guyss.... have you seen that?" my arm pointing at the television screen.

At this point every one was looking at me wondering why I was so concerned.

"Someone threw a banana on the field!!!" I exclaimed

Everyone was looking at me as if I had sprouted horns. I looked towards my brother but he was looking at me with eyes wide like that startled emoji, then he slightly shifted on his seat positioning himself better.


That came from my sister Flo, whose eyebrows seem to have risen up a notch. 

I looked around and I noticed a few people slightly averting their gazes from me. Their mouth twisted in mirth. I repeated what I had seen. I even asked my brother to rewind  so EVERYONE could see the BANANA that had been thrown on the field by some moron.

My brother, willingly obliged as he chewed his inner cheek trying so hard not to laugh.

Then everyone was looking at me when I stood up to point it out to them as if a meteorologist showing the wind direction and such.

"There! Thereee!! Did you see it!!?"

The whole room exploded into laughter. Guys were clutching their stomachs howling and wiping tears of their eyes.

"Roshie, that is not a banana! There was a FLAG on the play!!"  Flo explained.

"All this time we have been watching football you never knew that?"

The guffawing and cackling that went on in that room would have made you think Chris Rock was giving a stand up. The thick fog of embarrassment cloaked itself on me leaving me mortified and praying to the good Lord that the floor would open up and swallow me whole.

 I do not think I will ever live down that banana moment. 

Soon after, I became very interested with everything football because I swore to myself that I would never embarrass myself like that ever again.

All because of a damn banana!

Nowadays, I truly enjoy the camaraderie that comes with the sport. There is nothing I enjoy as watching a game fully understanding the on goings. It's so much fun!! I remember last year when the season started, I took myself to the bar. All SOLO to watch a Giants game. (I am a huge GIANTS fan by the way) They lost the game but I gained friends. I remember walking back home that night smiling, thinking how far I came from that epic banana moment.


If you follow me on snap chat I am pretty sure you are familiar with this hoodie and cap look. It's so comfy plus it keeps my baldie and ears covered now that the temperatures are dipping. The blue skirt I am wearing was an after thought after I finished making it. Normally, hoodie and cap goes with my jeans or sometimes sweats when I am dashing off to the grocery store for some almond milk. I kinda like how the look came together.

Jacket - HM

Ny Giants Hoodie: Gifted


Ankle boots: F21