Anne RoshieComment


Anne RoshieComment

It's really hot! sweltering even! So hot you could fry and egg. The subway is beyond! Extra hydration is important in these extreme scenarios. After discovering I had left my water bottle at home, I made a quick dash to TJ Maxx so I could grab one. 

I promised myself not to look at anything else. As I was walking along the aisles, trying to find the water bottles, I heard someone call my name. It was soft, subtle. I glanced around me, long, colorful, flowy maxi dresses were huddled next to each other. All sorts of sizes wooing me with their strappy and non- strappy looks, each clamoring for my attention.

Unperturbed, I walked on by focused on my mission to score a water bottle and cary on with my day. Ain't no body gat time for maxi and friends. After a few steps, my name, again! I looked up and there it was. Initially, I thought it was another maxi dress, with a gorgeous bodice. The bodice with tiny little straps is what captured my attention.  After giving it a once over, I nearly placed it back on the rack because I have never found a jumpsuit that tickled my fancy. Until now!

Hanger in hand, I decided to ascertain that we were meant for each other in the dressing room. You should have seen my face when I looked at myself in the mirror. Woah! I walked out and did the Naomi campbell walk up and down the dressing room turning in all angles like a VICTORIA SECRET model. By now, the water bottle was a long forgotten subject as I made a beeline dash to the register with my first ever jumpsuit. With this jumpsuit, I could tackle any extreme weather. Thirst be damned.

Thanks for stopping by and have an amazing week!


HEADWRAP: Street vendor

BANGLES: Maasai Market

BAG: Maasai Market