I was looking up zones thanks to my buddy google and boy there are all kinds of zones. Plantation zones, war zones, erogenous zones, climate zones, time zones, Zoning. These zones seem to be endless. Google’s definition of zones stated that a zone is an area or stretch of land having a particular characteristic, purpose or use, or subject to particular restrictions. There was also an archaic definition that stated a zone was a belt, or girdle worn around a person’s body.

Sometimes, we use the term zone to state a particular mood we are in. I'm listening to some soothing reggae tunes while I jot this down. I find reggae relaxing, calming, soothing. At times it lives me quiet, breathless like a nun in adoration. It must be Beres Hammond's voice, or Jah Cure's crooning. Who knows? I nod to the music, if you could see me, you would say I’m in my zone.

Or when you are in the midst of a serious workout, sweat dripping profusely, supersets on supersets, nailing each rep, we could say you are in your zone.

Have you ever seen a drummer furiously banging on the drums, eyes closed, as if in a trance, taken in by the profound thumping and banging? Or a guitarist, fingers strumming the threads faster than a tweep with his 140 characters on the latest hashtag. They, too can be said to be in the zone.

I've been doing my normal street style shoots for outfit posts over a couple of years now. I am so comfortable with them. I’ve perfected angles and sides that would work for a particular shoot. It's a breeze. It's also monotonous. Then I met Gianna who has been taking my pictures lately and an artistic collaboration of some sorts bloomed. I was freaking uncomfortable with it at first. I'm not used to the camera being fully focused on my face. Taking in the slightly off symmetry of my nose, my wide doe eyes, round cheeks, full lips which seem somewhat perturbed because they are used to smiling on camera. Used to being on the streets, jolly, twirling, happy as you please, grinning like Ronaldo after winning the Euro cup.  That was my zone. My archaic girdle!

Gianna suggested working on some editorial looks and I begrudgingly accepted. At first, I felt awkward and uncomfortable. Then the shoots from SELF happened. For a week, I held on to them. I was skeptical about sharing them with the world. After publishing that particular post, the response was overwhelmingly great and it became one of my well received posts since it resonated with you, my dear reader. I had stepped out of my comfort zone,  a zone I knew like the back of my hands. Here I was, staring at the lens, focused like a soldier on a matching platoon.

Eyes right!

Here's what I have learnt about zones, comfort zones to be exact. They are like a warm blanket on a cold rainy day. They keep you insulated. Cuddled in, hunkered down, never going anywhere. There comes a time where you have to throw off the blanket and get moving. It will be cold stepping out, but who knows what’s out there waiting for you? A new opportunity, another amazing job, a great relationship. Immersing ourselves into the unknown, the uncomfortable and sometimes the awkward is how we are able to grow. My darling Q gave me a wall hanging that now hangs next to my bed. It reads “Great things never come from comfort zones.” And never will they!

At times, becoming uncomfortable in your comfort zone is what will get you moving. The realization of a stagnant phase, no flow of ideas, no momentum will have you wanting to break free.  I believe that God stirs out of the comfortable in order to stretch us to use our faith.

Asking yourself, "what’s the worst that can happen?" will help you get things in perspective. Most of the times, we are usually afraid of what PEOPLE will say, how THEY will perceive us. It is a scary thought. I have been there countless times. You are doing you! That’s all that matters. Furthermore, we are all out here muddling through things. The thought of failure is enough to put mind numbing fear in your whole being. Yes you may fail, it's a lesson learnt not a mistake. You learn, make changes and forge back on.

 Do something uncomfortable today, step out of that box, take off that archaic belt of a comfort zone, that girdle that is weighing you down and pressing your innards. Start a blog you been meaning to start, make new friends, go head on with that new business, write or talk to people who inspire you, run a 5k, try a new recipe, write the book you want to read, and in doing that thing outside your zone, you discover new angles, new sides.

You create who you want to become. You are your only limit.

Thanks for stopping by.


LACE TOP: Express

KIONDO BAG: Maasai Market

HEAD WRAP: Street Vendor