Hello beautiful people.

Happy new month!!!

   My good pal Phil (Kui) got married in Dallas Texas last month. Wooop woop!! That was a turn up in itself and it  requires a new post. Knowing that I would be in Dallas, I started hunting for my visuals guy. Along came Mo.  I met him through Instagram a few months before the wedding.  I love connecting with artists who love the craft. It just oozes out in their work. After seeing his images on his IG feed, I knew we had to make connect. The beauty about this day and age is that we are able to connect with each other thanks to technology.

To be honest, this shoot almost never happened.

My flight from New York got delayed. I ended up spending the night in Chicago. In the morning, my flight out to Dallas took longer than expected. It was exhausting.

Then I meet Mo and his wonderful assistant who exuded such a positive outlook toward everything and  I got infected with his enthusiasm.

We ended up having the most fabulous time shooting, laughing, talking about life and making plans for future shoots. Dallas I got my eye on you.

I also got introduced to fried pickles. A southern delicacy that I frowned upon at first until my tastebuds gave a seal of approval. Boy oh boy was that a treat!!

I am rocking my of shoulder printed top and a full laced skirt. I have a thing for off the shoulder tops, especially now that summer is around the corner. 


Skirt: HM

Shoes: Shoedazzle.com

Backpack: ZARA