Last year, one of my dearest friends Phil (Kui) got engaged, then shortly after she told me to get ready her big day would be in April, in Dallas, 2017. You can imagine my excitement. I was super thrilled!!!! I love weddings. Being there to witness two people who absolutely love each other  come together in matrimony is a joyous occasion.

Phil and I met in Oklahoma over ten years ago. We were young -still are- fresh and had just landed in the country trying to learn the ropes. Phil and I were introduced my sis Flo. At the time, everything was new and then throw in a huge dose of culture shock! We hit it of instantly and somewhat became inseparable.  I found someone talk to about  navigating these American streets and a friend who I could also reminisce about home with.

As the years went by, I moved to the East Coast for my fashion studies, while Phil graduated from college, moved to Dallas where she met her hubby Ian. 

 Our friendship remained solid over the years. Phone calls and chats were the new normal. When I got the phone call about the wedding day, the first thing that came to mind as what would I wear? 

I knew I wanted to make something for myself. The initial idea was pants and a long flowing top. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make the from the same print or use different fabrics for the two pieces. As I always say, the creative process is marred with tons of questions. 

Went to my favorite fabric shop and when I spotted this honey comb yellow print speckled with blue dots, I lifted both hands up as if a touch down! It was everythinggggg!!! I could already see the outfit in my head.

When I started working on the flowy top, I discovered that I wasn't into that design. I kept trying to make it work but no. Plus it kept hanging all side ways I had  to do something.

Eventually, I settled on a fitted top that bared the shoulders. As for the pants, the hem line was too long for my liking. I cropped them to give them that Capri vibe and made the more fitted.

My favorite part about finishing anything I make is looking back and seeing how that initial idea morphed into something entirely different. And also seeing what was just an idea, come to life. 

The wedding was beyond beautiful. Phil was a bride to reckon with. She was utterly stunning. I sang and danced and came back home without a voice!!

Phil and Ian I wish you nothing but love, laughter and happiness in your marriage. xoxo

Below is a little Behind the scenes action and images from the wedding.

OutfitRoshie Anne

Shoes & Clutch – Zara

Earrings - HM