Mother’s day was amazing this year. My mum was visiting from Kenya and I got to take her with me to New York.

On arrival, we grabbed an Uber and headed to my place. As we quietly watched the buildings zoom by, my mother mentioned that she had studied this particular island in her geography classes way back when she was in high school.

I tried to picture my mum, a svelte young student, with bright eyes, cropped hair and a big smile looking on as her teacher pointed out Manhattan on the map. And now here she was visiting her daughter in that exact Island from her Geography days.

My obsession with New York City started when I was twelve years old. At the time I was dedicated to my tom boy ways. Scaling walls, running barefoot, circling unused tires all over the neighborhood, climbing trees.  I wore scrapes on my knees as scars of honor. But fashion crept up on me, like a grey mist in early morning. A mist that has never left. I loved looking at magazines and pictures of this city that was speckled with yellow cars everywhere. I watched shows, I repeated addresses softly when watching  them pop up on Law and Order, 8th and 31st, 153rd and Broadway... yup! Got it.

It wasn't just living in this city, it was about experiencing everything it had to offer and two years later, what a ride this has been.

My mum spent a glorious week with me and at the end she was walking faster than me. Reminding me of her days where she competed in brisk walking aka walking race. That cracked me up! Swiping her metro card like a pro. Maneuvering the aisles at the grocery store, posing for pics on a random street and the famous walk and  talk on snapchat.

I read about writing prompts the other day. A sentence, a word, that acts as a jump start to your writing brain. It reminded me of compositions I wrote when I was in Primary school. These prompts come in handy when you have nothing to say or when you have some much to say but you need to reel it in. I chewed on what to write after all it's my mother. I think she is the most amazing woman in the world. A queen in her own right. Like a nervous writer reporting on the Queen, a writing prompt would come in handy. 

Thank you for being you and being solid in your own identity. It's something I will forever emulate. Thank you for wanting to iron my shirt in the morning which somehow stunned me but reminded me that I am always your little baby girl. Thank you for chuckling at my nutrition habits, yes I was once vegan, now I can’t wait to rip the meat of the bone again. Thank you for embracing Mr. Squirrel, the neighbor.  Thank you for going up those flights of stairs like a pro despite that knee giving you trouble. Thank you for coming to this shoot with me and patiently watching what happens behind the scenes. Thank you for bringing those Abunwasi like AKALAS even though there’s nothing fascinating about them. You understand my quirkiness and let me be. Thank you  for my amazing siblings. Thank you for the subtle shade, Flo and I live for those comments. And on subtlety, thank you for teaching me that things said with the most demure manner still can be effective. Thank you for the laughs and reminding me that laughter can cure almost anything. Thank you for calling my blog A confessional. I still burst out laughing about that because it really is a confessional. Thank you for showing me how to own my queendom. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for molding me into the lady I have become. Thank you............ 

When it comes to our mother's there is so much we could say. So many stories to share. Stories that warm our hearts. For me this past week was extra special. I got to enjoy it with a woman who gave birth to me, supports my dreams, and encourages me to live my truth I have nothing but gratitude mama. I Love you.

Skirt: Roshie Anne

Denim Top: Express (Borrowed from Flo)

Sweater: HM

Shoes: HM

Bag: Maasai Market