Who does an artist communicate a feeling, a mood?

Lately, my art has been suffering. My vast creative ocean was running dry. It looked sad, with little cracks of angst and despair covering it as if famine had stretched its bony twig like arms. I wondered what was happening and how would I get my flood waters back in abundance. This creative limbo was sucking the life out of me.

Then it hit me that I had been digesting the news of the world. Digesting it in massive chunks. The news were enough to make you shake your head in disbelief. Anyone watched that Charlottesville video on VICE? While that was going families back in my home country were losing loved ones when post election skirmishes.

 These happenings and gazzilion of other  happenings in the world on goings left me drained. Empty. And in most occasions angry!

The World is in a completely messed up place. As an artist, I communicate what's my head. We share our art to communicate something. One person may see these images one way, the other person may see it in a totally different aspect. -That's fine.

These shoot explores light and dark. I wanted to communicate a mood, a feeling. Soft music was playing in the background while Arthur's camera clicks could be heard in the distant space. I zoned out and immersed myself in the mood.

Nina Simon once said, "It's an artist's duty, as far as I am concerned, to reflect the times."

I concur.

Anne RoshieComment