I am in a group on facebook that brings together Kenyan Women in the United States. It's a huge group. These beautiful women share ideas, their stories, support each other, inspire each other, motivate each other and did I say support each other, I did but I figured I needed to repeat that again. I joined because not only was  it was a great idea to bring women together but being able to connect with someone you share a common bond is a beautiful thing. Reminds me of a quote that say behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. 

Recently, one of the ladies in the group, Penny suggested we meet up one day when she saw me randomly in NYC. That idea blossomed into opening our meetup to other ladies in the New Jersey, New York region and boom. Penny brought the women together, I went with a location that would deliver and boy did they, a month later, brunch!

We had a fabulous time. We danced, laughed, talked, took pictures, talked some more, took selfies, danced, hollered, teared up a little because those mimosas, danced some more because the Dj was on a mission to have us jammin the whole time.  It was fabulous!!!

Special thanks to Penny, Maggie, Mercy, Flossie, Dana, Carolyn and Ruth. Not forgetting Lilly who formed this amazing group. 

Another meet-up is on the works.  Cheers ladies! :)