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Anne RoshieComment

Back in my college days, especially when introduced to say pattern making or sewing, I always thought our teachers took special pleasure making us redo things.
Like redoing a zipper, the dreaded invisible zipper that would make my fellow classmates pull out their hair. Or putting in a sleeve five gazillion times. There is nothing as annoying as doing something over and over then always messing it up. Undoing seams is a chore. No! It’s pure agony. But it's always that process that ensure you learn and perfect what you are doing.

Today’s look was shot in the downtown area of Manhattan. It’s become one of my favorite places to shoot because of the Seaport and the little tiny corners that pop up everywhere.Downtown Manhattan is the oldest part of the city with little narrow streets that a century ago, horse carts would be seen maneuvering. Construction is ongoing but that does not stop the hustle and bustle that is New York City. The ideal backdrop for this post

We construct our daily lives at times looking back and wondering what we could have done better, how you could have changed something.
Sometimes, with life, it’s not as easy as undoing a seam, or taking out a zipper, but trying to mend or reconstruct.
Which makes me think with life as well as with design, we are always under construction. There's always something to improve. It may be your fitness goals, or a new job, redoing your apartment, moving into a new house. We are constantly improving.

FUN FACT - My mother made the red scarf I am wearing today.  I swear she is a gem. My mum has been knitting items since I can remember. When we were in Primary school,  my siblings and I rocked hand made sweaters to school.  She is the aunty and friend who will knit a full set of sweaters, booties, and knit sweater for a new born baby. I recall a pic with Flo rocking a handmade two piece outfit when she was about Twelve. With mum's amazing workmanship I pulled a collabo of some sort,  told mama to make me some scarfs mum and I will sell them. I have a dozen in stock - all beautiful rich colors and warm enough to get you any winter. Let me know if you are interested :)

Mummy here's the red fave one that I told you I will wear. A fave color of mine. Loveya!

Red Scarf: Roshie's mama (currently seelingthem)

Jeans: Express

Jacket: Zara

Sweater & Hat: F21

Backpack: Zara