I have a serious obsession with the color red. I have no idea when it started or when it climbed the Bill Board Color chart to secure it's position at the top but it did. It has been there for a while, like a color king on the throne. 

All the other colors revolve around the Royal highness Red. It's passionate, it's strong, it evokes danger, it can raise your respiratory rate, increase blood pressure, evoke other deep feeling. It tells you to proceed with caution. I mean, this color does the MOST! Color theorists went out of their way to define this color.

I wonder if it says something about me? Sort of like how people can define themselves using horoscopes. Mmh - food for thought!

This shoot happend as a "by the way." What do you mean by that?

Well, it's cold outside - I dread winter shoots - daylight is only 2.3 seconds in the winter. Jess, my photographer, who happens to live a few blocks away suggested we meet at a Target.

Great! I had a couple of items I needed to grab anyway, a blender bottle and some workout gloves since the ones I have been using were ripped to shreds. Night shoots are a given but opportunities do present themselves, In this case, a massive building that is well LIT! Hello tarr-jaayy!

Worked out perfectly in the end, which comes to show if an opportunity presents itself, take it! Even if sometimes it's in between the aisles.

ps: I ended up with more than two items on my cart. I saw a tweet went like this, when you go to target, you don't go there because you need something. Target will tell you what you need! .............Where is the lie?


Reversible jacket: Zara:

Dress: Zara

Tights: F21

Ankle Booties: Bershka

Cart: Target