Ever wondered why there is always a need to buy something? Is it amazing marketing from the brands, your favorite bloggers rocking it, or just plain desire.
What strokes the desire? Probably it’s the countless images you see daily. From your phone, to your tv, to your favorite video subscription, on your commute home. Everywhere! Truth be told, do you really need it?
Fashion’s entire existence is to tell you, you need it. That which you did not know you need, is WHAT your truly need. I read an article where a top guy in a fashion company stated if consumers asked that question constantly, it would be the end of Fashion because most times you really don’t need another bag, shoe, dress.
You may desire it, but you never really need it. Ever heard of buyer’s remorse? I once bought a shoe that I thought was IT! Once I got home and had a staring contest with it. I realized, I couldn’t wear it often. It was a color that did not work with many of my outfits, a tad uncomfortable, it was just another shoe that will occupy an already small square footage of my room.
Uggh - so brunch on this day happened when I decided to say I don’t really need another pair of pants. I can make my gym tights work. With a boyfriend shirt - soo comfy but also a look!

I have been thinking a lot about the things we need. Dabbling on minimalism. I know… I know…me.. a huge believer of the term more is more, hence, figured I should share my insights with you. :)

Next time you go shopping ask yourself, do you really need it? Let me know how that goes. Or share your buyer’s remorse story. I def want to here those.

Anne RoshieComment