Anne RoshieComment


Anne RoshieComment

I rocked this outfit  past weekend. I was heading over for an Interview with CKIZA PODCAST. My friends Mwita and Wangari started this podcast to have a conversation with about us, Africans in the Diaspora who are doing their thing. SIKIZA means to listen in Swahili, hence CKIZA! Pretty cool right?

We had such an amazing chat mainly on the politics of hair, Self-love and Soul Flames. What is a soul flame you ask?

You might have to CKIZA the podcast.

The look I am strutting is what I wore on the interview/chat day.  I am not preaching to the choir if I say I love anything that has an African Print. Love until kingdom come. You my dear reader  are already aware of this.

The cold weather is enough to make me reach for anything dull and drab but to give my look a much needed kiss of life, prints are IT!

To stash you beautiful African print in the back of your closet until the summer is sad. With all the new paper thin - heat technology, layering should not be a problem. Hello Uniqlo!

Wear the prints with a thick sweater, that dress with a turtleneck and so forth.

Play around your African prints because it seems like this cold weather decided to stay longer than we expected. It has unpacked it’s bags and even hang them up in the closet.

Might as well rock my fave African print pants.

PS: I love heels but I had these loafers in the bag for running errands in the city.

Jacket: ZARA

Pants: Roshie Anne

Sweater: HM

Scarf: Zara

Shoes: Aldo

Beenie: F21