Anne RoshieComment


Anne RoshieComment

Today’s post is a quick short one starting off with a weather report. Ha! Spring has not yet made an appearance, it’s tardy as usual. It’s snowed sometime time this past week and melted the next day! Gone like nothing happened. The sun is currently teasing us with hints of what to come. I was thoroughly teased that I had the baldie exposed albeit for 5 minutes. Ah.. sigh!

I can’t wait to have it out in its full magnificence J

I like exploring different areas of Manhattan. SoHo and Tribeca are always a favorite of mine because every block seems different. Perfect for a shot then a quick dash to Blick for some art supplies.

I later caught up with my pal Briana and headed over to Chinatown for a Full body massage.  My body has been so tight and sore from working out with knots and I knew a full body massage would come in handy.

We later had Pho and caught each other up with the happenings of our lives. I love when I get facetime with my friends. Away from the chatter on social. Just put away you phone and catch up as if it’s 94.

Our reconnecting reminded me that in as much as we riding different boats in this life, we are rocking the same waves. The waves of work, social life, relationships, commitments. Endless waves.

All in all, it was a much needed girl time.

Today am rocking a teddy red coat – Teddy because of its teddy bear-ish texture. I paired it with  The Hippie hoodie which is so soft and cozy gave me all the feels. Donned my go to pair of converse.

Red Teddy Coat: ASOS

Hoodie: The Hippie

Jeans: Express

Shoes: Converse