There is nothing that calms me like reading a good book. I have been an avid reader for a very long time and even today, I always have a book  on my phone (thanks kindle app), in my bag, or on my night stand. The picture above shows most of my fashion reads but I'm also a huge fan of fiction, books on business, current affairs, biographies, the list is endless. One of my fave Sunday shows is Fareed Zakaria's GPS on CNN. He has a segment where he shares his books of the week. His recommendations are usually spot on and who wouldn't want to know more on global affairs?

    In the past, I'd find myself buying books but not reading them at all. Time would be spent on social media going through twitter, checking out pictures on Instagram, and chatting with friends on Facebook then have my books stacked somewhere on a corner.

By the end of last year, I had at least thirteen books waiting on me. Something had to give. I decided to put my phone away and start reading a couple of chapters a day in efforts to clear my stack of books. So far things have been going great my stack is becoming smaller and smaller… Yay!!!

When I was writing this post, I happened to stumble on this video. It already has over 38 million views.. Check it out. 

I like social media. It enables us to connect. I have met amazing, smart people, but sometimes we need to LOOK UP, and enjoy our surroundings. Read a book, talk to your friends face to face, learn something new, live life.

I am currently reading the 48 LAWS OF POWER by ROBERT GREEN. I will give you more info on my next post.

What are you currently reading?