From my Instagram: Reads and accessories  

From my Instagram: Reads and accessories  

On my previous post, I indicated that I was reading the 48 LAWS OF POWER by Robert Green.

I find that book so deep that after a couple of chapters, I pause and reflect, then back at it the next day. It's like a good, juicy, steak that should be savored.

I usually try to finish a book once I get started on it but for my trip to Jamaica, I decided to grab GONE GIRL by GILLIAN FLYNN which was to be my next read. I figured I could always go back to ROB GREEN'S book.

GONE GIRL is a book I grabbed on a whim while shopping for groceries. I had seen it at the airport early this year on the best selling section. After reading the back, I put it down albeit the amazing reviews... ugghh thriller!!! Who wants to read a thriller?

Then I consistently kept seeing it at the grocery store, Barnes and Noble, the little deli right around the corner from my apartment that has books in revolving cagelike stands, even Amazon suggested it a few times. It's like that black book with Red writings kept yelling,

"Pick me!! Choose me!! Grab me!!"

I eventually succumbed to that voice and quickly dropped it in my grocery cart as if I was holding a hot potato. 

So here I am writing about it because it is one AMAZING read!!  I find myself chuckling, then laughing out loud, then grinning like a clown because FLYNN is one talented author. I feel like am right there with NICK AND AMY.... (you have to get this book!) 

On my flight back to Baltimore, I sat on the aisle sit and no sooner had I started flipping the pages than the guy next to me asked me if it was a good read! I started gushing on how awesome it was despite being  half way through. He then told me he should have bought it at the  aiport bookstore but he passed it up.

At the back of my mind am thinking, that happend to me too, but I neglected to relay that part.

He is bound to see it a few more times, then end up dropping it in the grocery bag (may be it's a FLYNN thing, who knows). He goes on ahead and tells me that they are making a movie out of it!!! ANND BEN AFFLECK takes on NICK'S character.

Well! well!! well!! Now ain't that interesting news?

Back home, a quick google search and boom, movie comes out October 3rd, staring the said Ben Affleck. Oh!! Tyler Perry is a cast member as well. The plot is beautifully written, the characters are well developed, and its no wonder they made it into a movie.

Now am off to finish GONE GIRL, then get back to the 48 LAWS OF POWER...

Have you read GONE GIRL? Thoughts...