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Anne RoshieComment


          You have been saying you will start running. You have circled a day on the calendar. Put an alarm on your phone with the said date and a special ring tone, probably the "Eye of the Tiger" or Beyonce's "Bootylicious". You even bought new sport shoes from Sport Authority. Your Nike's are brand spanking new. They smell of good fortune and endless miles. You are ready!!! You tell your buddies and everyone in your neighborhood, some will look at you like horns sprouted on your head, others will root for you and tell you to go for it. The day ambles closer and closer. It's D day! Buuutttt, you started that captivating documentary series on Netflix last night. You know the one I am talking about. The documentary EVERYONE is talking about! There you are, nestled on the couch, eyes trained on the tv screen, the only movement from your body is from your breathing chest. You are hooked on How to make a Murderer!!! 

The story grips your heart, you are engrossed, transfixed and the D day fades away like the last stanza of a religious hymn.  A few days go by and you happen to talk to your buddy. She asks how the running is coming along. You are mortified because your Nike's are still in the box, shiny as a new penny. Your running clothes neatly folded in the dresser.You sheepishly say you are working on it.

I have been there, done it, Saying that you are going to do something is a piece of cake. Getting to do the actual deed takes willpower and determination. I have a few pointers that have carried me through ever since I started running. Hopefully, they will get you from couch to the trail...


OMG!! This priority numero uno!! I can not stress this enough!! You will be comfortable. the girls will be comfortable. It is a win win for everyone. I remember a few years back when I had gotten this EL CHEAPO bra from Old Navy! Sigh* It looked cute the end! I had registered to a new gym and  when you join a new gym, they usually link you up with a trainer to show you the ropes and all that. They also want you to sign up for personal training a marketing ploy that works. Annnyyywaaaay, I had my appointment set and had on my uber cute workout clothes on.  I was ready!! My trainer was super hot, he had that Channing Tatum thing going on. Helloo!!  So he there is mumbling about this machine here and there, and what they do and blazi - bla - bla!!! Honey, I was not paying attention! He finally gets me started on the treadmill, as a warm up. Then he states that we need to get my heart rate up and speeds up the damn machine. WOOOAAHH!! My boobs threw a riot and nearly smacked my face!! This man is standing right beside me looking at me. I was mortified!!! He stopped the machine all together then with a knowing look he asked me if I had heard about Under Armor. At this point I just wanted the ground beneath me to open up and swallow me. I wanted to disappear. He went on about how great their active wear was and how he thought I would personally benefit from their BRAS!!! 

Moral of the story, get a good bra! I have seen many women at the gym with horrible sports Bras. It's worse if you are well endowed.  I happen to be have a bosom on me that requires serious armor. Under amour is my go to choice. DUH!! Yes they are pretty pricey but totally worth it. Your boobs will be comfortable and so will you. 


Major Key!! Major!! A support system comes in handy. Especially on days where your MOJO has taken a Vacation to Tulum, Mexico! They motivate you and at times remind you why you are doing this in the first place. My friends and I have a Whatsapp group where we post our runs, give each other ideas on meal recipes, share memes, and basically get that much needed inspiration. Some people connect through groups on Facebook, some on Instagram. It's also a fun way of connecting with people whose goals are aligned with yours. If you are on SNAPCHAT find me @Anconventional. I don't have Major key alerts like Dj Khaled, but you can see me out there putting in work and having fun. Let's get snapping. :)


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  A goal gives you a purpose. Your goal could be losing ten pounds or running a 5K. I have a hard time working out in the winter. The weather is nasty and brutally cold.  I just want to stay indoors, covered in a warm blanket with a good book, drinking hot chocolate and cookies. When my friend Sylvia asked me if I wanted to ran a Half Marathon in March, I knew without a doubt that I had to train in the winter to be ready for a 13.1 mile run. I did not hesitate. I said yes immediately. My half Marathon in March is the goal. It keeps me focused. Sometimes I don't feel up to it but I put my shoes on and get it over with. I take it one day at a time. The thing with goals is that they will require dedication, will power, tons of sacrifice, but accomplishing the goal will definitely be worth it. That goal will definitely get you off the couch!


Music is life!! Period. I have no idea how people run without music. You might be one of them but I personally need music to give that extra pump especially on those lazy days where I don't feel like running. I am a huge dance hall and reggae fan, play some Konshens  and my blood starts pumping and my legs feel like they could sprint from here to Timbuktu. So by the time I am out the door, I feel like I am in my own party jamming with every step I take. 


Enjoy the process and have fun. I have to remind myself over and over that fitness should be fun. If I don't run as scheduled today it OK, I will run tomorrow. If my body is sore from previous workouts and I am not up for a run, I should take it easy. I am not competing to tear up my connective tissues. After my first two half - marathons, I swore off running. I was done!! It felt like a punishment that I was over with. Then I learnt to take it easy and enjoy the process, I found myself falling in love with the process and loving the results even more!! When I did my ten mile run on Christmas day, I doubted myself a little bit. I hadn't put up that much mileage in a long time. Once I hit the ten mile mark, I was so happy! The most beautiful moment in this marathon training was the transition from wondering if I could, to knowing that I can. So on those really lazy, crappy days, I remind myself that I can make it. All I need to do is put on my running gear, tie my shoe laces, put on my headphones and walk out the door!! Oh and yes..... HAVE FUN!

Hopefully, you will press pause on that Netflix series, it will be there when you come back from your run! :)