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4 WEEKS TO HALF MARATHON - (an update and Meeting SHAUN T!!)

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Woah!! Time seemed to have breezed by. We are already in the second month of the year, that makes me four weeks out to my half marathon! Welp! I have to put in mileage this month. Two weeks to the half marathon I should be doing really short runs and some speed work. So for the first three weeks of this month I should be logging in 7- 11 miles. It does sound a lot but considering I have 13.1 miles to tackle on race day, getting my body conditioned for this is super important. I did seven miles at Central Park the other day. I like how I can easily say seven. A few years back a half a mile was a struggle!!


Being on a vegetarian diet has it perks. I am more energetic, I have really improved my pace and do feel amazing and not heavily weighed down. I have been doing my meal preps of certain foods that I eat on rotation. Legumes are huge especially to facilitate the protein. My faves are chickpeas, lentils, and black beans. I make stews and have them with brown rice or sweet potatoes. For my veggies, spinach and kale, or steamed red cabbage. Red cabbage has  become so dear to me, I don't know how they found their way to my heart but they did. I am in love!! Sometimes I go for a huge salad or rice bowls. Rice bowls are so easy to make. Prepare your rice as usual then throw in the veggies of your choice and don't forget to top with a few slices of avocado!! Yummm!

So here's the thing after doing this month in month out for the past 6 months or so. Carb-loading on pasta and rice because they are like fuel to your long distance runs!! Sigh** and slightly melting off the extra pounds. I find that I am getting EXTREMELY BORED with my diet!! I am soooo bored I want to punch the black beans on their face! Like a nice sucker punch. I am looking for creative ways to make my meals. Is this marathon over? This is what I always say, then a few month later, I am signed up for a race)

Of late I have been pouring in on Vegetarian Blogs to get inspiration. My running buddy Sylvia has been throwing down some veggie inspired meals and tagging me on Instagram! Thanks Sly! Buuut every time I got into the kitchen, just like an old habit, I pick up the pan, boil some water for the rice, prepare my bean stew, steam some veggies and call it a day. I love cooking. I really enjoy it, it can be therapeutic. Crying while cutting the onions, meditating while the onions caramelize. Ha! I am about to go off on a tangent here but you get the point.

I have mentioned to a few friends of mine I might introduce some meals on the blog. It's only right since the way we eat and my content on wellness go hand in hand. Plus, I do see a lot of vegetarian blogs but they are not linked to working out. With this said, I scoured numerous sites to check out any vegetarian bloggers who are also into fitness. The sites that were available to me were either amazing vegetarian food bloggers or just fitness ones. I did  not find one that linked the two together and since I already have a little platform on here... Why not bring the two together? FOOD AND FITNESS! YAY!

As I have said in the past my relationship with gymmy is strong and steady. Our dates are frequent now, we tend to have Happy hour on the treadmill, it's honest to say that we are pretty serious. Sometimes I do like to switch it up and do Shaunt T like workout with Insanity. Talking about Shaun T.

I got to meet him and he is amazing!! He is one of the ambassadors for the Council of Fashion Designers in America and he was in town for Fashion week. This is not me gushing just because I did some Insanity workouts eons ago where he kicked my butt or getting me all hot and sweaty in T25 while he is motivating me to push and dig deeper!! I am saying this because the man is phenomenal!!!!!! Shaun get's to change people's lives by doing what he loves through Fitness!!! I know so many people who swear by Shaun T. He walks in to the room, and you can feel his positive energy. He has accomplished so much yet he was humble and down to Earth. I am an eternal fan who would let a photo op go by!! Shaun, Scott and I had these pictures taken in between laughs and strategic poses. Year made!!!

I am currently thinking on what is my next goal after this half marathon is over. Do I sign up for another one right before summer. Should I focus on Yoga or Pilates which has always been on my mind? I always try to focus on the next goal after I have accomplished one so I can stay on track. The best part about this is that I can figure it all out in due time. According to my HAPPINESS PROJECT, March I shall be focusing on health and wellness. That should be extremely fan. Are you on snap? Follow my antics and a few behind the scenes shenanigans @Anconventional.

Back to training......