I am wondering where my mojo went to. I think it packed it's bags, took the first flight out to Bora Bora. It's currently sitting somewhere by the beach holding a cocktail with an umbrella on it. The damn thing did not carry it's phone either or if it did, I am blocked or something.It's so freaking frustrating. We used to hang out on the daily and just like the snap of the finger the damn Mojo just rolled out on me. Arrgh

So here's the thing, I have not been consistent as I would love to be with my workouts. I feel like I do the same thing over and over and over again. I enjoy working out, sweating and the feel good endorphin that come later but lately I have been giving myself all the excuses in the world. Last week I went to the gym once, the week before that two times. Seriously Roshie? Let me tell you what happens when your workouts are not consistent. You start eating. A lot!! Cravings and family show up and everything on site looks appealing, heavenly and scrumptious. Tempting treats seem to be everywhere. No wonder it's soo easy to gain weight.

I decided to get to the bottom of my inconsistent gym dates and get my mojo back even if I have to call the US Marshall and have it extradited umbrella drinks be damned!

I am a goal oriented person. I make them. attain them, celebrate, then make more goals. I realized the reason I have nothing to look forward to. In the past I had a marathons and new classes to look forward to, So first order of the day is to set a goal. My friend Shiro mentioned doing a competition. Not just any other competition but those grueling, weight lifting, cardio five times a week, eat only chicken with Broccoli and a scoop of rice, protein shakes on deck typa competition. Gulp!! 

Shiro mentioned these bikini competitions during our hot yoga sessions. She had great reasons why we should do it. First and foremost we have each other for that moral support. Two, I love love weight training so this wont be unfamiliar territory to me. Three, we get to work out. Four, we shall look amazing!! Five, did I mention how amazing we shall look at the end of this? The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. So there it is folks!!

I will be in a bikini competition sometime in May, the training starts in December so that gives me approximately 6 MONTHS of intense training. Oh my nerves! I wil be giving you updates once I start on this journey and I know a few months in I am going to ask myself why I and doing this, but I am doing it for me. My mojo better be getting in a cab back home from the airport.

I mean serious business! 

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