The year is almost over my friends and I have so much to be thankful for. Starting this blog was one of my main goals this year and to actually jot this down is quite remarkable. Your feedbacks and kind words get me fired up to share more of my musings and style inspirations. 2013 has a few amazing projects in store so keep your eyes peeled for more.

    I have some MAJOR news to share!! I am currently the new fashion editor for KENYANVIBE.COM. It is an online magazine that provides news on lifestyle, fashion, and culture. I am super excited about this venture.


 You might have noticed that I love adding different textures to my outfits. I have been really wearing out the “leather” in this biker jacket. ha! It’s my go to jacket this season.  I layered up with faux fur jacket vest and a vintage blouse. The colors combined together have an earthy feel to it. Love it!


 I stumbled and fell while walking down the hill meanwhile the camera was just clicking away. Nevertheless, I decided to go ahead and enjoy the moment, regardless of the wet leaves!! I have never laughed so hard at myself.

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Holidays!!