Over the weekend, I was chatting with my dear friend Q. She is getting these amazing slacks and was trying to figure out how she could rock them. As our conversation progressed, she said something that struck me. Q mentioned that she didn’t know on what occasion to where them. I told her she could where them anywhere she wanted to, she then put in that she did not want to feel over-dressed.

             I went ahead and told Q that there is nothing as being over-dressed, only under-dressed lol. The way you present yourself to the world speaks out loud about who you are. That’s your style. Our conversation inspired my look today. Am wearing a sleeveless red dress from Zara that I wore last summer to a wedding, and a loose chambray shirt cinched with a belt.

red dress.jpg

           The red dress is an example of outfits we tend to buy for occasions, but once we wear them, they are put in the furthest corners of our closets. We think they are too dressy to be worn again. Whenever I go to a wedding, graduation, and other special occasions, I shop for clothes that have a solid color, and if they are printed, they don’t have so much going on. That way I can enjoy the dress I spent a pretty penny on in a different season, with a completely different look. Go ahead and check your closet, there might be pretty sheath dress that can be revamped.

That being said, I will leave you with a beautiful quote from Rachel Zoe, (Fashion designer, Fashion stylist)

 “Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak."

Have a great week!!