Am sooooo glad to be back from my self-imposed hiatus. First and foremost, a big thanks to those that checked up on me via facebook or sent me an email. It was very kind of you and I really appreciate it. The wonderful part about blogging is being able to share my style inspiration and thoughts with you, then receiving the feedback.  Being away made me realize how I missed that rapport.


I settled for my classic look here. A breezy white shirt paired with jeans, and some gorgeous high-heels. You can never go wrong with a classic look. Summer in Baltimore tends to be quite unpredictable. With this look, it's super easy for me don a light-weight blazer if the temperature drops, or wear a trench coat if am on the go and it starts raining. 


 I was stretching out my legs in between takes and I love how this picture came out. Can you believe that these pictures were taken around 7:45pm? I will definitely enjoy taking pictures this summer with the lighting so idyllic.

Thanks for stopping by.