Photography: Jessica Curlderon

Photography: Jessica Curlderon


“I am not in with the gymmy to get ripped but to stay healthy”

I wrote that in 2015. I was in Kenya and I wanted to touch up on a my fitness journey. And boy has it been a ride. I read it in it’s entirety and it brought back so many memories. You can read it here. It was my first fitness post dates January of 2015.  

My face was a little rounder, the journey to lose 15lbs was on. I had mentioned on that post that I would gift myself some beats if I accomplished my goal. I am happy to say I have been jamming Dj Kalonje and Shinski mixes in the gym with my beats on. Wapi Nduru!

I am currently lifting weights 5 times a week and I include Cardio post workout 4 days a week.

I will bring back hot yoga since winter is coming.

My first rodeo with weights started with  Jamie Eason’s 12 Week trainer on I wanted to include  weights in my workouts and had no idea what machine did what. Or what a superset entailed. My idea of gym workouts involved fussing around with the elliptical, checking out the fellas, and performing stretch moves learnt from my primary PE days. Sigh*

The program has videos to show you how to do it them in proper form and so forth.

I started on with that program back in 2014 with my buddy Sylvia. Since my level of commitment at the time was a joke, I restarted it numerous times. However, I finally finished it and have since done it when I want to switch things up. Phase 3 is a fave of mine.

I would recommend it for a starter or beginner like me.  Plus it’s FREEE!!!

If you are a regular on my snap stories, you probably know of my #GYMFIT looks. A tank and Tights are my go too. Plus a hat to bring on the heat lol I love fun workout clothes that will make me feel like I am ready to kick ass. I usually shop at target or Old Navy. There are so many places where you can get affordable dope workout clothes. JCpenny is another one, and my sis Flo has beautiful high waisted pants from Fabletics.  Underarmour, Nike and adidas are for the special occasion. Say, I lost 10 pounds or spotted a tricep forming. Boom! Gift! 

Here are a few things I picked up along the way.

It is work. A lot of it is from you. No waist trainer or tea will get you there. Just some good ol workout, sweet sweat and a consistency. I struggle with the consistency part but that’s where you will need to

Eat ridiculously well. You can't put in all the work then throw it down the drain with a bad diet. I was a huge fan of this. I would tell myself that I will burn it all off eventually, The lies we tell. Nowadays, I plan my meals in advance that way, I won't be tempted when my job is having a Pizza day. My fave meal is minced turkey with brown rice and veggies. I can eat that over and over. A big salad that looks like the rainbow with baked chicken or salmon is also good. You can not outrun a bad diet. Changing up my nutrition habits and results follow but you can't do the work alone. This is where you will need

Gym buddies, your fit fam, your squad, the A-team - your source of motivation and inspiration. People who will encourage you to do that 20 min HIIT workout, or run a 5k or a half marathon. Folks who will share workouts and recipes.  Get you out the door on days when you'd rather catch up with Kandi and the housewives of Atlanta. You will need your fit squad. No one does all this work alone. You need your team. To celebrate you and lift you up. With the team in place set up a time that work for you to do the work. A special thanks to my Fit fam. My squad!! You guys rock! If you can spend 20min cruising IG first thing in the morning before you drag your feet to the bathroom. That’s it. 20 min workout bam! So many free workout vids all over the internet. That's why...

A schedule is so important. I like to call them dates with gymmy. I can’t miss them. It’s my special bonding time. Preferably in the evening. It’s the perfect way to wind down the day. For you it could be in the morning, or afternoon. Make time. I promise you that you won’t regret it. Which brings me to the

Why. What’s your why? Why are you doing this. What drives you? Finding out the why will help you stick to it especially on those hard days when you just want to watch Game of thrones with a Pint of Talenti. The why will make itself known. Make the answer to your why your mission statement or Motto. For me my why answer is to stay healthy. Not just to lose 15lbs or 20 lbs and call it a day. Lose it and maintain a healthy lifestyle and while am on it...

Celebrate the little wins. The little wins add up to the big wins. I have a reminder that pops up on my phone screen that states, “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” I would find it so frustrating to go to the gym religiously for a Months then find out you have only lost 3lbs. Or you go hard for two weeks, do workouts that leave you drenched and your heart racing like Jon Snow having seen the Night God then you step on the scale and it glares at you with a -2lbs! Really hommie? I want to see the results immediately. But it’s a journey not a quick stop at your neighborhood Walgreens. I learnt to turn that frustration into the positive.

I would say ok, minus two pounds not bad!! That’s great. We are heading there. Then I would gift myself a sports bra from under armour. That sports bra was earned! Or a nike hat that I have always wanted or a water bottle or a tank that I will wear on all pictures. 

Celebrating those little wins is awesome especially when you tie it in with

A positive attitude. This is so fundamental. It has stopped me from going for the KitKat (those wafers are life) when the frustration knocks the door. It has made me show up in the gym on days I would rather be at a happy hour spot ordering someone cheese fries and the $5 long island special. Goodness.

I believe in positive self talk and self - visualization. Whatever you put out in the universe comes back to you. Positive or negative.

If the word play is - Things never workout. I never lose weight no matter how I try. I can’t, won’t or a list of negative talk, the universe responds just to confirm that you have been heard loud and clear.

Try loving your body. Thick thighs, boobs, ass, arms and all. Try saying - boy I lost three pounds, I am getting there. Or I love my body. Or holy snap!! Look at that booty. I look good/ and make three snaps while you are at it. See what happens.

I know it sounds a little bizarre but best believe the convos I have when brushing teeth or getting that winged eyeliner. Gurl yasssss!!!!

Rain that positivity on me. It circles back -100% Read that post from 2015. I did to to remind me of the journey. It’s been fabulous and tough however I’m laughing and flexing while at it. If you would have told me to raise my top two years ago and flash my belly - ABEG! Do me a favorrrr - gerraurahiaaa (get out of here!) would have been my response.

And as you’ve heard, a little weightlifting doesn't make you crazy muscular, it transforms your body to beautiful work of art. But first, you have to put in the work.

Currently, owning it and celebrating it and it feels pretty damn good.

I hope this encourages you to stay, maintain, work or reboot your own fitness journey.

PS: Anneconventional Eats is on the way. That body needs to be fueled with some good nutrition. Stay tuned.

Happy Monday!!

Hat and Sneakers: Nike

Top: Under Armour

Tights: Old Navy