I love a lot of things, but there are a few places or things that I am deeply in love with. Harlem is one such place. I am not ashamed to say it. I will proclaim it to the rooftops. I want to be around Harlem every moment of every second. It's like a teenage love affair. The more I see of it, the deeper I get wrapped up in this love.

I really can't define it. Every block you turn, something catches your eye. My favorite part is... Dammit everything. The food, the art, the culture, the brown stones, the people, the vibes. You get my drift!

There's a spot that my friends and I usually go to for the CULTURE! Or a whole lot of Afro - Caribbean music. There, I can dance Lingala to Koffi and Turbo Wine to Konshens. I can sway to Beres Hammond and lipala to Sauti Soul. Taurrus Riley can croon at how Royal I am while WizKid will have me yelling at the top of my lungs Ojuelegba. I will be hot, I will be sweaty, but I won't care because will be dancing the night away. Everyone on the dance floor, read underground floor, will be grinning like fools. Looking like idiots. Happy idiots. The underground vibe adds to the charm of the place. No one can really see the floor since it is always packed from wall to wall.  I remember this one time swaying to some tunes while I waited for my buddy to grab our drinks, this gentleman who must have been in his 70's grabbed my hand and off I went. The Dj must have been cued in because the music changed and it was dancing with the stars, arms swaying, jiving, turning, twisting, shoulders shaking like a seismograph. He was the star and I a part of his galaxy. This spot is called Silvana's. A spot where you go to dance and enjoy yourself and at certain times, make new friends. It is also a restaurant but I am afraid I haven't stepped in there during the day. I might have to change that just to sample the food.

Talking about food, I have a few favorite places. Unione is one of them and Harlem Tavern is a place to stop by for a quick bite. Don't forget to stop by Red rooster and while you are at it check out Row house for a nice meal, then head to a hidden gem called Under bar in the same building. You just have to find the hidden door but once you do, prepare yourself to be wowed. Under bar is a chic, subterranean cocktail bar which will have you grooving all night...and if you need an after party.. Silvana's once again!  Nothing tops an amazing night than great feel good music

My darling Harlem and I are still getting to know each other. It's a young relationship but I see a bright future. For this particular shoot, we went round a block and with every corner I turned. Location! Location! I had a hard time picking the faves because all the pictures were super. 

I am rocking a summer shirt dress which is now becoming a staple. They are comfortable and chic, just accessorize and you are ready for a night out. T I am rocking one of my favorite African print bags which is a definitely must have. Let me know if you want one and I will get you sorted out :)

Langston Hughe's poet, author, social activist and leader of the Harlem renaissance once said,

" I have discovered in life there ways of getting almost anywhere, you want to go. If your really want to go."

If you are ever in NY. Take the train uptown and see why my heart beats for Harlem.Hope you had a fabulous long weekend! I know I did. Follow my snap stories @anconventional

Have an amazing week and thanks for stopping by. 

Shirt Dress: HM

Printed Wedges: Shoedazzle.com

Bag: ROSHIE ANNE (inquire for details - anneconventional@gmail.com)