Hello beautiful people!!

We are halfway through the month! And three months until the year is over. Unbelievable!

I was talking to my mum this afternoon and it hit me it had been six months since I saw her beautiful face. Mama I miss you so much!!

Right around Labor day, my friends and I meet up in Atlanta. A reunion of some sorts. I laughed, cried, reconnected with old friends, laughed some more, danced to my heart's content. It was a much needed break from the always vibrant New york energy.

Then when I got back to New York, I found myself overtaken by life in the corporate world and other behind the scenes details. The relaxed haze of my weekend getaway quickly wanned and I was back on the grind. To put it simply, I was overwhelmed. I have a few projects launching simultaneously next month.

It will be Anneconventiona’s 5 YEAR Anneversary.  Woahhh woahhh!!

I feel giddy just saying that. You guys have been with me for 5 YEARS. FIVE!!! Ughhhhhh ….

I am about to quip my gratitude speech as if holding an oscar but I will hold it until October and give you a little tit bit of what’s to come


Yes!!!!! A duka, shop in all sense of the word. I have been sketching since I was twelve. Leaning strongly towards watercolor and I figured it was about time I put this items up. Share them with you. So when I am not busy running up and down, I am cooped up in my lil room painting to my heart's content. I have been listening to a lot of Leon Bridges and Kwame Nkrumah. The sound of their soulful voices that have me all emotional. Pouring my heart in my work. River- by Leon Bridges is so powerful!!

I really can’t wait to share with you what’s in store in the store. I am actually thinking of doing a little give away to you my dear readers. I am still thinking of how to bring that together. Stay tuned.


Recipes. Yay! I talk about wellness a lot, it’s about time I accompany them with the food I eat. I curate my recipes from other bloggers and recipe books that I have amassed on my frequent Barnes and Nobles excursions. The home science classes I took in my high school years will come in handy. I am really drawn to beautiful food layouts leaning toward the minimal and since I will be putting my camera skills to work, it will be fascinating to see the end product. Who’s ready to dig in?




I thought of starting a youtube. Actually that was the initial idea. Vlog every moment and show you a little bit of what happens in my world and behind the scenes but I tend to soak up in moment and forget the filming part. Plus the thought of filming and editing on top of everything else that seems to be going on would result to my neglecting other creative areas of my life. So a podcast it is. It will be on itunes so keep your eyes peeled.

I enjoy talking to people and discovering how they got to where they are. I live for such organic moments and it just seemed fitting to bring those conversations to life. I have reached out to of my soon to be guests and they are all stoked which gets me all thrilled!!

Ok calm down Roshie.

That’s about it in a nutshell!  Phew, that is a mouthful but it explains my absence the last couple of weeks. I hate deadlines but I set them up to be accountable. My mother mentioned from our conversation earlier that she hasn't gotten a notification of a new post. I had that awkward well ummmm, I know mum moment. I have a lot going on. My mother is always on the go so I had to quip I am my mother’s daughter.

So here is a new post. Rocked this gorgeous gem at the PXP Festival in Atlanta. It was so great to meet old friends, dance, meet some that I had only interacted with through Social media. If you follow me on SNAPCHAT you might have seen it all when I actually remembered to take those videos,

Thank you as always for stopping by. I have to get back to painting. I am jotting this at a starbucks around the corner from my place. I enjoy the change of scenery but the watercolors are screaming my name. I better answer the call. The duka needs items to stock up.

Yours trully,