The last time I posted something on wellness was last year, sometime in September. I had planned on doing it in January but as they say, better late than never


Being skinny was the goal. My thought process was if I look like what I see is the “norm” then I will fit in. Norm being what was on billboards, the new must have whatever. I'd be fabulous!! I was a sucker for that any fitness fad that was on the market. Anything new and hot off the press would have yours truly on the front row ready to see and try it out. I would voraciously inhale books and magazines, swipe the latest $39.99 deal. 

I recall the first time I saw an infomercial for Beach Body circa 2007, I was sold. I bought some dvd on dance and fitness, then got caught up on Tony Horton doing P90x then my man Shaun T came through. The great marketing, the before and after and the amazing fact that in X number of days, I would have the body of my dreams! Sold! Signed up for 3 payments of $39.99

I got my pals in it too. But after the first two weeks the excitement waned. The chore of sticking that CD in the DVD  player and jumping up and down got too much. It got to a point where I would just stop after 15 minutes of heavy breathing and watch these guys as if a movie. Like Sister Act II. Wanting to be a part of an Oh happy day, but here I was seated on the couch. Eventually, the DVD book would start collecting dust and my dream of looking bam slam in X number of days would disappear in thin air.

I can’t exactly tell you when my goal of being skinny packed it’s bags and walked out the door. I think skinny figured that that whole mess was futile. A dream far-fetched for yours trully was already predisposed to genes that had curves.  Skinny stopped being a factor and things like being healthy, looking and feeling good became a priority. I mentioned it on my first fitness post on this blog.

I figured it boils down to consistency, patience and discipline. It sounds easy but this is the difficult challenge EVER. Especially when it comes to myself.

I discovered frequent gym workouts would really help with my creativity. Boy the burst of endorphins are like a drug. and on the days when I would not get that fix, I felt blank. These workouts became somewhat a motivation of some kind. It’s where I just have time with myself, in a different zone, think up a new blog idea, new creative shoot.

Self love is my fave topic. I sing about it like a choir at Carnegie. I do not think anyone can be taught that. It something that starts from within. I tend to be tough on myself. A LOT! On days I would probably indulge more than I used to, say a pint of icecream, some cookies would be the days when the negative self-talk would stroll with me everywhere. “ See this is why you can’t lose weight!”

“See how you look?” “OMG, have you seen your thighs lately? They look like trunks! No way you will be rocking shorts this summer!”

“Ughh, that belly poking out, again – must be the fries!

I can go on and on about the mental talk I gave my body each time, and with every negative talk, my body took it and wallowed in it.

“What’s the point of going to the gym anyway?”

Truth be told when I started working out consistently, some three years ago, I would go to the gym late in the evening. It was a 24 hour gym and by 11:30 just a few people lingered around fussing with this machine and that dumbbell. My main goal was to get started on weights. had free workouts, I went with Jamie Eason’s 12 week trainer, which also had videos that I took time to watch to get that proper form.

I almost gave up a few times looking at the girl in the mirror doing curls with 7lb dumbbells but every day I went in, I figured might as well show up the next day. Of course I had my buddy Sly workout with me or my sister Flo and man, there is nothing as amazing as having a gym buddy. On days you want to snooze, you force yourself to show up since you both need the support. The yearly half marathons helped too but the gym dates started becoming a ritual. I had broken up with my boyfriend at the time so I coined the word Gymmy. 

I struggled with eating clean. That’s a tough one for someone like me who looooves anything that has fructose, sucrose and glucose. My sweet tooth throws a party tambourine and all. But the funny thing is once you have been putting in time in the gym or working out, your body cravings are not as crazy. It has to do with that hormone that suppresses it.  Once I started regular meal preps I found myself staying on track. So now meal preps is actually a thing.


Nowadays, I MEAL PREP on Sunday and Wednesdays. Friday – I do treat yourself Friday’s where I take myself out or link up with friends for dinner.

Today, I love everything about this body. Today I am ok with my thighs. Scratch that, totally love them. I heard thick thighs save lives. Call me! Stretch marks, bring it own. Marks of growth. 

That roll on my tummy when sited. Totally ok with it. Arms that sometimes do the wave, when I lift them up. Wave on lil bicep. And for the gains, I love them eternally. Lifting weights changed my life.

 I have learnt to love self, in the body I am in. Not the one I think I should have. I nurture and take care of the one I have. I have learnt I don’t have to put an X number of days to look fabulous. It's a journey not a rocket launch countdown. I have learnt that our bodies are different. My metabolism does whatever it feels like, some days it has supersonic speed and on other days it takes a vacation and goes to Bora Bora. Annddd, the older I get, the more those Bora Bora vacays become frequent, I need all the assistance I can get from Gymmy. 

My gym buddies have been everything. Everything! Keeping me accountable. Find a friend or friends who have goals that are aligned to yours. Those that challenge and inspire you. You really are who your friends are. They will have you running in the middle of winter, signing up for marathons, and creating bonds for a lifetime. Your fitness tribe/clan. Mine is everything and then some. Flo, Sly, Steph, Muthoni, Shei, Fuza, Wanja, I love you guys. :)

Gosh, this has been one long post but it was long overdue. Would you like to see what workouts I do on a daily basis?

PS: I promised Marathon this year. A full one. 26.2 miles. I will keep you updated once training starts.

PSS: Since moderation is key. I still enjoy a pint of talenti now and then.

Let me any if you have any questions or additional tips, or your story that you would like to share. I am all about celebrating the wins. Both big and small.

Thanks for stopping by..


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