Anne RoshieComment


Anne RoshieComment

Write drunk

Edit sober.

Ernest Hemingway


My aim is to put on paper

What I see

What I feel in the best and simplest way.


There is no friend as

loyal as a book.

All three quotes by Ernest Hemingway,

I set my mind to reading at least five classic books in a year. It was with no doubt I would start with Ernest.  I thought of F Scott Fitzgerald because in as much as I have watched “The great Gatsby”, I am yet to read the book. Which I hear is phenomenal!!!

Ernest and I had a rough start. His style of writing is completely different from what I have read before. I fall in love with descriptive authors. Ernest is not. He is short and very unpredictable. I finally warmed up to him after a month and a half.  Guess the Sun rose and caught up with me,

I now have an appreciation to his style of writing. He dint have me at Hello, but not all relationships start out that way,

The book is a gem. If you have an appreciation for beautiful prose. Grab this book.