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Anne RoshieComment

Oh my gooooodnessss!!! Ok!! After training like a mad woman this winter. Running in subzero temperatures and freezing my ass off, I am glad to say that all that effort paid off. If you have been following me on social media, you already know that I ran the half marathon and I finished it and I had such an amazing time but I will get to that shortly  !

Why Puerto Rico? After doing most of my runs around the DMV area, it was such a treat to be running at a different location. My friend Sylvia came up with the idea and my friends and I were all in!!! We always struggle with winter workouts. Who wants to go to the gym in the middle of an arctic blast, or try running 5 miles in 30 degree weather? No one. But through in a destination, think warm immaculate weather, beach, culture, Caribbean and everyone is thrilled to train for a half marathon. Basically, that is what happened. Started as an idea almost 15 weeks ago that eventually came to fruition.

Puerto Rico was beyond divine. We toured Old San Juan discovering little local joints to eat. Took pictures galore and danced to some serious latin American music. Our theme song for this trip was Marc Anthony Vivir mi vida! We would be walking down the street, one of us hums the tune and boom, we are a choir,  yelling at the top of our lungs la la la la!!

This song is so catchy I have to share some of theMarc Anthony Vibes we had. The song stands for LIVE MY LIFE!! 

To answer the what's next question, here's what I have lined up for my fitness regimen...

WEIGHTS - Now that the training is over, I am going back to my regular gym dates this time I just want to left heavy, gain a little definition that long distance running seemed to have taken away. Ladies, do not be afraid of the weights, they help tone those arms, structure your back, chest presses makes the boobies perky and leg day is defines your legs, thighs and butt. 

SWIMMING - I had an episode in the Dominican Republic a couple of years ago where I nearly drowned. Drowned!!! I happened to jump in a cave that had water 38 FEET deep. My friends looked like they were having sooo much fun and because FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is the enemy of progress, I lined up and before I knew it, I was jumping into a dark murky abyss, water sucking me in to the bottom. It's was by the grace of God that I was able to come up and fight my way out.... I am not the best swimmer out there, I can;t even swim to save my life and that's a damn shame esp for someone who loves water as I do. Hence, I got 5 classes set up with a swim instructor at my local gym starting April. I can commit to two days of swimming. If I can ran a half marathon, swimming should be a peace of cake right? 

YOGA - My friend Shiro and I have decided to take some Bikram Yoga classes thanks to Groupon. Groupon has my go to for everything nowadays. They have really sweet deals from fitness to getaway vacations that come in so handy. I used to practice yoga four years ago but as with life. I feel off and now I am trying to get back to that flexible, limber me. Furthermore, yoga helps in all areas of our fitness.

I hope you are keeping up with your fitness goals that you made in the beginning of the year! Let me know how that is coming along... :)

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